Friday, March 28, 2008

Idli Fry

I'm on a leftover cooking frenzy, I don't like throwing any leftover food, my waist will confirm that. My fridge had two idlis just two for a week just sitting there, and I did not have the heart to throw them out, and nobody would eat it either. So today I had this brainwave of pan frying them, I remember eating Idli Fry when I was little at Vishwa Bharti a little Udupi restaurant in Mumbai. They were deep fried obviously and served with a sweet yogurt. But I went with pan frying.

Leftover Idlis definitely a couple of days old, as it gets harder

Chilli powder

Cumin Powder


Gingelly oil/ Canola oil

Cut the idlis into long strips, I cut one idli into four long pieces.

Sprinkle chilli powder and cumin powder on the idlis and mix well.

Heat 1 tsp oil, add the idlis.

Brown the idlis and let it form a crust.

Sprinkle a teeny bit of salt on the fried idlis.

Serve with ketchup, chutney or curds.

I made these and they were gone in a minute, and I was left craving for more. Go figure!!

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