Saturday, March 29, 2008

EAT FRESH - Wonderful Winter

This is my entry for EAT FRESH - Wonderful Winter which is being hosted by Meeta.
Here is what's in my grocery bag from Denver, Colorado.
I usually shop at H Mart which is an Asian market, and has a huge variety of vegetables especially Indian veggies compared to the local grocery store, and far more cheaper too.
The Farmer''s markets don't start until summer here, so I make do with H Mart.
I have red pumpkin, green mango, broccoli florets, carrots, french beans, cucumber, cabbage, green plantains, and white pumpkin in my picture. I'm bummed I have could not get curry leaves, there is some kind of curry leaf crisis, hopefully we will get some soon.


jj said...

Looks tastefully health, great share!

Kari said...

Just found your blog on accident and I will be following it! The food looks mouthwatering & reminds me of what I ate when I lived there.